Facts to Know About Treasured Estates and Cleanouts

We're glad you asked!! We primarily get them through estates, estate buy-outs and clean-outs  Which could be done very inexpensively) However, we do buy an occasional storage locker at auction.

As mentioned above you could get a clean-out for very inexpensively. You ask how? We base our price on what is getting removed and what we can turn around an put in our warehouse. We don't just throw everything into the dump. If your items are gently used and we can turn them for a profit in our warehouse, we can reduce the price of the clean-out.

Please understand, we can't do it for free we do have to cover our costs. However, it will be cheaper than most.


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We also hold Estate Sales at the home. 


And when it is all over, we can remove all of the items that didn't sell making the house sell ready.


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We do scrap metal.


Our primary business is electronics and computers. We do accept Flat Screen TV's. We also accept all other types of metal too. We can pick it up for your home or business. This is a free service.


We don't buy scrap.


We can issue a document of proof of destruction for all hard drives.


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